10 ways to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation while improving your health

Everyone is now aware that modern technology carries a number of health risks, some of which can be fatal. The amount of scientific and holistic evidence that confirms these risks is absolutely overwhelming. In this article, I will reveal some key ways to effectively protect yourself and your loved ones from the dangerous effects of electromagnetic radiation. It is such a guide for newcomers that will show you the right direction and present certain basics to follow.

In no case is this a complete guide, only an overview of possible ways of protection. I’m counting on your ability to get your own picture. Do your own research and immerse yourself in this issue. If you don’t feel up to it, you can contact experts who are working on the topic.

In no case is this a complete guide, only an overview of possible ways of protection. I’m counting on your ability to get your own picture. Do your own research and immerse yourself in this issue. If you don’t feel up to it, you can contact experts who are working on the topic.

  1. Delete EMZ sources

This step is very simple and it is the first step you should take. In short, go through your entire dwelling and take stock of all appliances and modern technologies. Things like playstations, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, all wireless technologies, smartmeters, multimedia devices and electrical appliances. Whether you are someone who is engaged in electrosmog elimination, electrosensitive or even hyperelecensitive, you need to evaluate whether you can remove these devices, reduce their power or disconnect them from electricity when not in use.

  1. Master digital detox and slow technology methods

This is the next step we’re already talking about more nuanced. It applies to those devices without which it is not possible to function normally. Whether it’s because of your work or your business activities or anything else. Learn the habits of digital detox by setting a daily limit on the use of modern technologies such as computers, smartphones and tablets. There are countless ways to do this. Monitor the time you spend on these activities and set certain boundaries. This method is actually such a time management of activities with technologies.

It is also good to adopt the habits associated with the use of technology, such as the principle of never wearing phones close to important organs. Turn on airplane mode, and when you’re calling, make calls aloud, don’t put your cell phones to your head. When you enter “digital detox” into the search engine, you will learn a plethora of tips and techniques to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.


When it comes to slow technologies, this is a habit much more advanced than digital detox. It forces us to rethink our relationship with all kinds of modern technologies that most consider necessary. It is a phase in which we try to use the achievements of modern times as little as possible, but responsibly and thoughtfully. If you advance to this level, you should let your surroundings know about this intention and tell them when, how and where you will be reached. For example, if you decide to erase smartphones from your life, you can get a landline and communicate online only via email.

  1. Isolate yourself from ambient radiation

This is also one of the first tips you get about eliminating EMZ. However, this step has by far the biggest impact on your surroundings and is also probably the most costly. Here we are already thinking about how to immick your home, office or living space from harmful radiation from the surrounding area. This often requires the use of expensive shading materials and paints on the walls. Use of shading agents around the bed (heavens) and much more. Sometimes you also need to go to your neighbors and explain your intention to protect yourself from EMZ, or try to convince your employer to provide you with a separate office, isolated from the surrounding areas.

Grounding is closely associated with this method. This is a chapter in itself, and perhaps even this article would not be enough to explain it in detail. Ground yourself, ground your home and appliances. For some, it just means walking barefoot in the grass for 10 minutes a day, someone practicing grounding in all sorts of ways, such as connecting a computer to a grounding cable, and so on.

  1. Use radiation transformation aids

At this step, most people, including some experts, stop. From here on, we can boldly distinguish a common enthusiast from a true holistic expert. There are a large number of devices that can control the influence of harmful EMZ and the wide range of electro-influences to which we are exposed daily. Some of them can neutralize, or even transform, the harmful frequencies of EMZ and electrosmog to which we are exposed daily. For starters, you can try anti-radiation stickers or Schumann frequency generators.


Although Schumann’s frequencies are once again a chapter in themselves, they have recently become a much-discussed topic. Keep in mind, however, that Schumann’s frequencies have fluctuated considerably over the past 3 years, and the generator set to 7.83Hz is inefficient. But what works is crystals and amethyst. In this category we can also include orgonities and various decorative objects made of shungit. In short, there are ways in which all undesirable effects of EMZ can be completely naturally blocked and transformed into pure natural frequencies.

  1. Harmonize the environment

This brings us to point 5, when we use crystals to harmonise our surroundings. Different crystals serve different purposes. There are crystals that we use for protection, for good sleeping,for healing, for emotional well-being, for restoring balance , to increase energy, etc. They are available in different shapes and sizes, so everyone will find their own. But there are other methods to harmonize your home than just crystals.

We also need to think about how to purify the air we breathe, the quality of light and sound that surrounds us. This means, for example, the acquisition of air purifiers and air quality monitors, or we can think about reducing noise in our home and how to bring as much natural light as possible to it.

  1. Think about the quality of your diet

There are 2 ways we can influence our eating habits. We can start eating in terms of ethical ideas or what is beneficial to our health. It is generally strongly recommended to eat as many healthy foods as possible. Which means the fresher your diet, the better. Eat fresh meat from home-made farms, homemade eggs, vegetables and fruits. The following chart from the Belgian agency dealing with proper nutrition captures the basics of a healthy diet from which we can bounce back.


It is good that the basic building block of each meal is vegetables, to which you can subsequently add either meat/fish or rice/potatoes. Try not to combine these three components. We also have a choice of a large number of super-food and supplements that detoxify the body from harmful toxins and heavy metals. These supplements also contain a number of effective antioxidants that improve our body’s ability to protect itself from EMZ.

  1. Perform broad-spectrum detoxification

Broad-spectrum detoxification actually means detoxification across the spectrum. We start with what we already have in our bodies. Turmeric, spirulina and chlorella are amazing and widely available detoxification agents. The next step is prevention, so we try to eliminate toxins that could yet come into the body. This applies mainly to food, subsequently cosmetics, cleaning products, veals, shampoo, and others. Mainly avoid toothpastes that contain fluoride.

  1. Learn Eastern practices

A strong mind/spirit in a strong body will only strengthen our resistance to harmful wireless radiation. It will also strengthen our heart, blood circulation and performance. It also restores emotional and mental balance and expands mental capacity. If you have the option, try combining slow Eastern practices such as yoga, meditation, chi gong and tai chi with more dynamic activities such as karate, kung fu, jiu jitsu and more. Boxing, calisthenics and other Eastern sports are also suitable as combinations.

  1. Bring nature to your home

In our plan to establish a perfectly harmonious home, this step must not be missed. Bring a piece of nature to your dwelling! It is very simple, we simply need any number of plants that we place across the dwelling. NASA has even published a list of plants that have the ability to cleanse our home of pollutants, you can use it as inspiration. Everything is connected to everything. For those of you who want to go one step further, you can have a large French window made overlooking the garden, or set up a winter garden. This will bring a lot of natural light to you and help you connect with nature. To do this, of course, we need a large number of different types of trees, shrubs and flowers. Looking out the window at the garden in the style of a golf course would not be very poetic.


  1. Inform the city management

For those who want to reach the imaginary peak in our efforts, there is another possibility. However, this concerns a somewhat wider environment than our immediate environment. Try to go to your city management and talk to them about radiation from mobile transmitters and Wi-Fi emissions. Perhaps they plan to introduce free Wi-Fi or other conveniences throughout the city in the future. Talk to them about it and try to point out the potential risks associated with these plans. If that doesn’t work, find like-minded people like you and start a petition to revoke these plans, eliminate free Wi-Fi and other radiation sources. It’s actually a step 1, just at city level.

This will raise awareness of the dangers associated with EMZ and provide people with a way to defend themselves. Go to the council, if you have the opportunity, be heard and draw attention to problems in the city’s agenda.