10 Senate Republicans Vote to Confirm New “La Raza” Census Director

Daniel Greenfield, “Although this is a political appointment, I am no politician,” Robert Santos had told senators during his confirmation hearing.

His career belies that as I exposed back in April with, “Biden Puts Specialist in Republicans in Charge of Census.”‘

The Urban Institute, where he serves as Vice President, stated that his, “specialty areas include undocumented immigrants and other disadvantaged populations”. Santos’ first publication was for a partnership between the Urban Institute and the National Council of La Raza.

The La Raza report, partly authored by Santos, was titled, “Paying the Price: The Impact of Immigration Raids on America’s Children”. La Raza, meaning The Race.

Santos got involved in the Raza Unida party when he was in college. The name means, “The Race United”. Its racial nationalism envisioned Aztlan, a new Aztec homeland carved out of America. Its famous chant, “Viva La Raza!” meant “Hail the Race”.

“We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to worst, we have got to kill him,” Jose Angel Gutierrez, a founder and leader of the racist Raza Unida Party, had declared.

Being a member of a racist hate group would normally preclude any kind of major political post, but leftist racist hate groups are a different story.

“The Raza Unida party gained some popularity and I was able to meet some of the principals in the city that included poets, musicians, political scientists, activists and so on.  I quickly embraced being a Chicano, a Mestizo…  I was Raza!” Santos cheerfully recollected his racial awakening.

“I was among the last cohorts to benefit from Affirmative Action,” Santos noted. He joined the Association for Critical Social Studies, a radical leftist group whose only surviving mention is a mural that it sponsored entitled, ‘Struggle of the Classes’ by a Mexican Communist artist who had previously drawn pictures of Marx and Lenin.

Nonetheless, despite a valiant effort by Senator Rick Scott to block Santos, he was confirmed with the assistance of ten Republican senators. There’s Murkowski, Collins, Romney, Graham, and Portman obviously as the usual suspects with a few others. In their defense, I will say that the issue was hardly on anyone’s radar and my article, for example, got almost no traction.

But considering the power that Santos will wield, this is likely to be one of those things that we’ll be paying for over many years.

Critical Race Theory in America’s Classrooms (speakingaboutnews.com)

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