10 Rules for Surviving The Left’s Zombieland

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Don Feder, How to deal with the walking dead who infest cities across our nation.

How to deal with the walking dead who infest DC and cities across the country? Stay positive. Stay focused. Take heart. Use the brains God gave you, in dealing with those who have none.

[1] Fly the Flag

Despite the chaos in our streets, this is still the America we know and love. It represents everything the anarchists and race-baiters despise: freedom under the law, rights and responsibilities, and color-blind justice. Colin Kaepernick kneels during the Pledge of Allegiance because he rejects America. We stand because we respect it.

[2] Celebrate the 4th of July, America’s Birthday.

In 1776, John Adams said that in the future, the 4th of July would be “solemnized with pomp and parades, with shows, games, sports, guns, bells, bonfires and illuminations.” On the first Independence Day, our future as a nation was very much in doubt. During the Constitutional Convention, when asked what type of government he and his fellow delegates had given the new nation, Benjamin Franklin replied: “A republic, if you can keep it.” Each generation must ask itself that question – Can we keep it? The 4th is the time to re-affirm our faith in self-government. It’s also a time to celebrate not just our independence but our entire history.

[3] Thank a Cop for Being There for You and Your Family.

In the course of the mob actions and anarchist riots that have swept the country, cops (who have been specifically targeted by the mob) have been assaulted, shot, stabbed, and run over with cars. It’s a tough, dangerous, often thankless job. In New York City, the average starting salary for police officers is $42,500. The police are overwhelmingly outnumbered. There’s one cop for every 496 people in this country. Without respect for the men and women in blue, all will be lost. Help to re-affirm the reality that the average cop is honorable and decent. Let them know that there are citizens like you who stand behind them.

[4] Support Civilian Gun Ownership – Now More Than Ever.

The Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution for a reason. It comes right after freedom of speech and religion. That’s how important they considered it. SCOTUS even acknowledged that it guarantees an individual, not a group, right. The store owners who defended their property from looters didn’t use feather dusters. The next time Beto O’Rourke says, “Hell yes, we’ll take your AR-15.” tell him to disarm Antifa first, as proof of his sincerity.

[5] Learn Your Country’s History.

Understand why America is exceptional, why our system of government has served as a model for emerging nations, our economy has lifted boats around the world, and our defense of liberty has kept the world from slipping into the dark night of tyranny. There are many good books you can turn to for enlightenment and inspiration. I recommend starting with “A History of the American People,” by Paul Johnson.

[6] Visit a National Monument or Park.

Lexington and Concord, the Alamo, the Pearl Harbor memorial, the National Archives, the Gettysburg Battlefield, Lincoln’s grave in Springfield, IL., the Coolidge homestead in Plymouth, VT., and Independence Hall, should be places to which patriots make pilgrimages. Lincoln spoke of the “mystic chords of memory stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every heart and hearthstone all over this broad land.” The chords need to be struck again and again.

[7] Know Your Enemy.

Take a good, hard look at Venezuela and Cuba. This is what Antifa and its fellow travelers want America to become. Think it can’t happen here? Think again. Look at what’s going on in our streets. Antifa is a revolutionary movement that’s using anarchy to get communism. It’s employing gut-wrenching violence to overthrow the government and destroy our way of life. It has joined forces with Black Lives Matter to abolish police departments. BLM and Antifa are different sides of the same counterfeit coin. During the anti-Vietnam riots on the 1960s, cartoonist Al Capp (a liberal who became a conservative) used to say “the inmates are running the asylum.”

[8] Don’t Let Them Race-Bait You.

If you’re white, you don’t have to apologize for it. Slavery and racism aren’t America’s “original sin.” There’s hardly a nation on earth that hasn’t had human bondage at some point in its history – most for far longer than the United States. No other nation fought a civil war to abolish it. Almost every country with a diverse population has experienced racism. Racists come in all colors. Martin Luther King said he dreamed of the day when his children would be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. The racial guilt-mongers say skin color is all that counts.

[9] Say a Prayer.

America can only survive as one nation under God – the God who gave us a universal moral code and is the source of our “unalienable rights.” At every crossroads in our history, our leaders invoked the Almighty. Washington did. Lincoln did. FDR did on the eve of D-Day. Getting by without God is like trying to survive in a turbulent sea without a lifeboat.

[10] Slap a Trump Bumper Sticker on Your Car.

The media, education establishment, Hollywood and Corporate America are all against us. A large part of the public is oblivious. It often seems like the president of the United States is all we have. This election will be a struggle for the soul of this country. Will we be a nation of law, or one where political disputes are settled in the streets? Will we have judges committed to the rule of law or advancing their own political agenda?  Will Washington free our economy or re-enslave it with new taxes and regulations? The answers to those questions should point voters in only one direction. It’s never too early to take a stand.